Mycrorrhizia major role is to enhance nutrient and water uptake by the host plant by exploiting a larger volume of soil than roots alone can do. Mycorrhizae come in a number of forms, dependent upon both host plant and fungal taxonomy.



Bio-NPK is a microbial formulation which is able to synthesize atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate and mobilize potash into available form, thereby supplementing balance nutrition to the crops.


Zinc Oxide 39.5%SC

Zinc Oxide 39.5%SC is a suspension concentrate liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing a high concentration of zinc for use as a foliar feed of zinc to prevent and treat zinc deficiency on a wide range of crops



Azospirillum is used to promote plant growth by mechanisms of tolerance of abiotic stresses, named as induced systemic tolerance, mediated by antioxidants, osmotic adjustment, production of phytohormones, and defense strategies such as the expression of pathogenesis-related genes.



Azotobactor is used to improve plant health through nitrogen fixation, growth hormone production, phosphate solubilization, plant disease management and reclamation of better soil health, Azotobacter is one of the best options to be used as biofertilizer for eco-friendly and sustainable crop production.


PSB(Phosphorus Solublising Bacteria)

PSB act as the bio fertilizer which is capable of solubilizing inorganic Phosphorus from insoluble compounds. Solubilization ability of rhizosphere microorganisms is considered to be one of the most important traits associated with plant Phosphorus nutrition.