Importance Of Herbicides In Agriculture Industry:

Herbicides are primarily used in agriculture but the use of herbicides also extends to other industries where unnecessary plants have to be cleared. In agriculture, herbicides are useful because they can control weeds in almost any stage of growth, providing flexibility to the crop growers. 



Glyphosate 41%SL is effective on prennial weeds and can be used in orchards, forestland, and non-cropped area. It can applied at full expanded leave of weeds at any stage of the crop.


Paraquate Dichiloride- 24%SL

Taashi agrotech’s Paraquat Dichloride 24% SL is broad spectrum, non selective & contact herbicide containing 24% Paraquat dichloride. which effectively controls broadleaved weeds & grasses. During photosynthesis superoxide generated, which damages cell membranes and cytoplasm.


Pendimethlin 30%EC

Pendimethlin 30%EC belongs to dinitroaniline chemical group which is effective against the wide range of grassy and certain broad leaved weeds as it inhibits growth of both root and shoot recommended on wheat, paddy and cotton crops.