Importance Of Bio-Pesticides:

Biopesticides often are effective in very small quantities and often decompose quickly, resulting in lower exposures and largely avoiding the pollution problems caused by conventional pesticides.


Trichoderma Viride 1.5%WP

Trichoderma viride 1.5%WP is one of the best product manufactured by taashi agrotech, well in field by action of myco-parasitism and antibiosis. It decomposes raw organic farm wastes, solubilizes soil phosphorus, reclaims adverse soils, promotes plant growth and protects soil eco-system


Paecilomyces Lilacinus

Paecilomyces Lilacinus is an eco-friendly component of management. It is useful for the management of nematodes. This is a bio-nematicide useful for the management of Root Knot nematode, Reniform nematode , Citrus nematode.


Beauveria Bassiana 1%WP

Beauveria bassiana 1%WP is naturally occurring, eco-friendly entomopathogenic fungus. It effectively controls most of the economically important crop pests. It helps to increase productivity by improving crop health through controlling the pests.

Our Other Bio-Insecticides Which We Provide As Per Demand: